So few cars, too many memories

Next time you want to reflect on the trials and tribulations (and costs) of your life, don’t break out those dusty photo albums up in the attic or load those CDs on your PC or--heaven forbid!--call your mother.
Instead, according to J.G. Fabiano, perhaps you should reflect on all the cars you driven in your life (and try not to wince.)

Fabiano, in his article in the Magic City Morning Star, reflects on how he met his guardian angel while driving his first car, a 1961 Ford Fairlane. Later he rambles on about when his first-purchased vehicle, a 1962 (AMC) Rambler (pictured), stalled during a snow storm and how he was lucky it didn’t blow up on him when he tried to fix it.

Fabiano, after several more cars and their associated memories (my favorite is the story about the posh party and his Hyundai) ends with a heartfelt wish that horses never return in vogue.

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