Cars a rockin' an' a-rollin' in LaLa land

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California, U.S., launched its second annual “Cars and Guitars of Rock-in-Roll” exhibit on Saturday, February 4th.
There’s apparently a strict selection process. According to curator Bob Merlis, none of the vehicles were selected because of the performer's wealth (i.e., no Bugatti Veyron or customized Maybach). Instead, each car had to have an interesting history associated with it or be interesting on its own. (Pictured is a 1948 Delahaye similar to the one owned by singer Sir Elton John.)

Some of the vehicles on display include the customized Plymouth Prowler “KISSKat” once owned by the band KISS; and ZZ Top singer Billy Gibbons’ CadZilla (a modified Cadillac) and “SlamPala” (a customized 1962 Chevrolet Impala).

Interestingly, the golf cart driven by singer/actor Snoop Dog (with Lee Iaccoca riding shotgun) during last year's Chrysler commercial is also on exhibit.

"Cars and Guitars of Rock-in-Roll" will run through July 30th. Museum hours and ticket information can be found at the website.

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