Nissan to debut 'rocks for jocks' Terranaut SUV concept in Geneva

Nissan's newest concept, seen here in some advanced artist renderings prior to its Geneva Motor Show debut, was designed to act as a home-base for geologists, archaeologists, scientists, and other adventurers frequenting inhospitable climes. Dubbed the Terranaut (get it?) the rough-and-tumble SUV is brainchild of the automaker's London studio, Nissan Design Europe.

A three seater, the Terranaut's rear passenger compartment has a lone revolving chair that grants unfettered access to the workstations around its periphery. A glass dome overhead allows for moon viewing, bird watching, or whatever off-road experimenters can cook up. According to, bespoke runflat Goodyear tires on 19" wheels benefit from Hummer-like central tire inflation, which affords Terranaut pilots superior off-road performance.

While the 'Welcome to the Observationdome' rear compartment and silicon trickery aren't likely to see showrooms, we wouldn't rule out some of the styling language finding its way into production... or the possibility that Nissan is mulling over a smaller hardcore body-on-frame utility vehicle to take on Toyota's new FJ Cruiser and the revised Jeep Wrangler.

Question: Who knew the Xterra was such a wimp?

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