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Chrysler polls Challenger forum for production ideas

The forum is an online community dedicated to seeing the Challenger Concept make the short jump from auto show exhibit to showroom floor. The community has been lucky enough to be chosen by Chrysler to participate in some polls that allows the manufacturer to gauge which drivetrains and options might be most popular on the production version of the muscle car concept.

The first poll asks the forum’s members to choose which powertrain they would purchase, and the options range from an underwhelming 250-hp V6 with a 6-speed manual to a fire breathing 425-hp, V8 HEMI with a 6-speed manual. The latter is estimated to cost about $3000 above a base V6 manual, which we think is a steal.

What’s more interesting is a follow-up poll for those members who chose a powertrain with a manual tranny. It asks whether or not you would still purchase a Challenger if a 6-speed manual were not offered. About 55 percent say they would, but a not-to-be-ignored 45 percent say they wouldn’t.

Only registered forum members can vote in the polls, so if you’re interested in shaping the future of this important concept, become a member of and let your voice be heard.

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