Chrysler Group to introduce new stain- and odor-resistant upholstery

The 2006 Chrysler Aspen, Dodge Caliber, and Jeep Wrangler will be offered with Milliken and Company's YES Essentials "advanced upholstery system". For those of you who either tend to make your own mess, or cart around those that do (whether that be children or adults that act like kids), this stuff should be a godsend. The fabric not only resists stains (including those that have soaked in and dried for some period of time), but also has a silver-based antimicrobacterial treatment that allows it to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Additionally, the treatment reduces static shock by a claimed 50%. Granted, vinyl seats have offered this mixture of features for years, but these should be significantly more comfortable. If indeed these claims are true, then this is certainly something I'd want in any vehicle I purchase.
For those not buying a new Chrysler Group product, Milliken also offers aftermarket floormats with the same technology.

[Source: Chrysler/Milliken]

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