Skoda ramps up for Roomster premiere in Geneva

Coming off a record year in 2005, driven by strong sales of its new Octavia and Octavia Estate models, Volkswagen's Skoda subsidiary is hoping to keep up the momentum with the launch of its Roomster.

Launched as a concept car at the Frankfurt auto show in 2003, the innovative Roomster MPV was originally pitched as a pure concept, with little chance of production. However, its enthusiastic reception encouraged Skoda to announce last year that the Roomster was approved for production.

The production version will be unveiled at the 2006 Geneva Auto Show and available to the public in June. Meanwhile, Skoda offers this flash "teaser" on the web.

In case you missed it the first time around, pics and commentary on the concept follow the jump.

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The Roomster is all about interior design. No center console provides plenty of room for front seat passengers, while the rear seats offer more legroom than many luxury cars. The seats move forward and back, and fold, allowing multiple configurations for everything from a night out with friends to hauling furniture. Two lengthwise sunroofs brighten the interior.

The car is assymetrical, with one door on the left and two on the right, including a tall sliding door for easy access.

The front end of the car is likely to be the first introduction of new design elements for future Skoda cars, including the wraparound windshield. A number of Roomster variants have been suggested, including the panel van shown.

It isn't clear how many of the concept car's features will make it into the production version - the extra-long wheelbase and the all-glass tailgate may not - but the Roomster is undeniably a courageous design by the venerable company.

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