Farago rocks Flint and his defense of GM

The ever entertaining Robert Farago of The Truth About Cars pens a strong rebuttal to Forbes columnist Jerry Flint’s article supporting General Motors decision not to cull any of its brands. He points out that Flint himself, back in 1993, had said it would take a thirty-percent increase in (Saab) sales to break even, never mind turning a profit. (Saab has never spent any time in the black under GM ownership.) In other words, Saab makes a perfect target for the executioner's ax.

Farago also takes to task the inane rebadging efforts that GM, as well as Ford and Chrysler, have turned into a misguided and mutant art form. Where as Flint believes extra brands fill capacity in some of GM's starving plants, Farago believes the cost of killing them would be less in the long run.

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