They're all wrong, he says, even Jerry York. Jerry Flint, The Car Connection's cynical but insightful auto industry commentator, has tapped out a little piece that goes against the grain of popular opinion when it comes to GM's woes. Kill of brands? Heck no, Flint says.

First is Saab. As GM works to align Saab with Opel, it is already putting drastic cost-cutting measures into effect. As for Saturn, the brand has some very good looking vehicles coming out of the pipeline soon. Timing would be bad. And Pontiac? Why would GM get rid of business that accounts for 10 percent of its sales? Then there's Buick. Getting rid of Buick might sound nice, but killing off vehicles that share platforms with other brands makes no sense.

What makes sense, then? Flint says Chrysler has it right -- build multiple vehicles off the same platform, but quit with the badge engineering.

Like GM or not, Flint has some good points. Take that, Jerry York.


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