Delphi CEO changes tone; says that "soft landing" is goal for workers

If you think that Delphi CEO Steve Miller has softened up in the last month or so, well, you're probably right. Now that it looks as if GM will play the role of sugardaddy and lend a financial hand in resolving the labor situation at Delphi, Miller is saying that he's seeking a "soft landing" for the company's union employees. Certainly, the UAW's refusal to acknowledge two previous contract proposals has a bit to do with that as well. Miller's comments came at the Automotive News World Congress, where he also recapped a bit of history by explaining Delphi's original strategy to expand its sales sufficiently to absorb its labor costs. That, um, didn't happen.
Whether this friendly new attitude will last is a serious question, though, as Feb. 17 is the deadline for a new labor agreement. If something isn't put into place by then, Delphi may file in court to dissolve the current labor agreement - a move that almost certainly will cause a strike (and with it, industry-wide supply problems).

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