Around the world in 50 tanks?

John and Helen Taylor couldn't get much greener if they tried. The middle-aged couple, already holders of some 34 fuel economy records, have just embarked on a trip in which they hope to wrap the globe on just 50 tanks of dead dino. They estimate their odyssey will cover 18,001 miles over 70 days (it's that extra mile that's really going to break 'em), and they expect to see 25 countries pass through their windshield. With an average seat-time of some 14 hours a day, you've gotta hope that the Taylors have some stout backsides, along with some non-factory seats fitted to their Volkswagen Golf FSI 1.6L.


The Australian couple isn't going it completely on their own, mind... they'll be aided and abetted by a pair of Passat wagons filled with a videographer, a writer, two mechanics, and an 'independent witness.' As might reasonably be expected, their Golf has also been outfitted with a GPS tracking system, satellite phone, and a number of additional safety essentials. A word of advice, Taylors: Bring lots of water, subscribe to every available satellite radio provider (Peruvian Public Radio just ain't what it used to be), and don't forget the Charmin. Godspeed.

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