Hot designers dish at Detroit auto show

Some of the concepts at this year’s Detroit auto show were extremely well received, and 4Car sat down with the designers behind the top five concepts to get their views on the next big trends, the hottest current designs, and to find out what influences their own work.
The designers include Franz von Holzhausen who designed the Mazda Kabura, Marek Reichman, the man behind the Aston Martin Rapide, Michael Castiglione, who penned the retro elegance of the Dodge Challenger, Simon Lamarre, designer of Volvo’s C30 hot hatch concept, and David Wong, the guy responsible for marrying an Xbox 360 with Nissan’s Urge concept.

One not particularly surprising thing we learn from these interviews is that four out of five designer are most thankful they had nothing to do with the Pontiac Aztek’s design.

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