Big Two look on as new rival enters the ring

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, Chinese automaker Geely displayed its vehicle destined for the U.S. market, the 7151 CK. And representatives from every major automaker were on hand to witness, as Robert Lutz, vice chairman and product development chief for General Motors, said, "I think it's the beginning, the very beginning, of Chinese international participation in the U.S.”
Geely currently has no dealerships in the U.S. (their vehicles do not meet current safety and environment rules, for instance). But the company is targeting 2008 for its first cars to arrive. Another Chinese automaker, Chery, has announced it will start shipping even earlier (2007).

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Geely representatives did acknowledge the company would have an uphill battle to fight the perception that Chinese vehicles would be of cheap quality. But they were upbeat they would be able to change that perception.

And the U.S. would most likely not be the Chinese automakers first markets. Europe, which is more tolerant of quality issues in inexpensive vehicles (as low as $5,000), could be their first foray in the international market.

Quality and low price. Deju vu, GM and Ford?

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