PETA W.O.W.'d by Honda's canine-coddling concept car

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has just given 'two paws up' to Honda Motor Company and its dog-friendly W.O.W. wagon, bestowing it with one of the group's coveted Proggy Awards. The 'progress' awards are handed out to individuals and companies "...whose work promotes respect and compassion for animals."

Despite XM shock jocks Opie & Anthony's contention to the contrary, W.O.W. isn't short for 'Whip 'Em Out Weimaraners'-- it stands for 'Wonderful Open Hearted Wagon' ("awww!"). The strenuously-anagrammed concept features a glove compartment that doubles as a doggie crate, seats that convert into kennels, a low floor for easy four-legged access, and wooden floors that "recreate a terrace environment to enhance the dog's comfort" (apparently PETA's never witnessed the comedic gold that is a discombobulated poodle on wet Pergo).

The particular Proggy garnered by Honda's 2005 Tokyo Auto Show muttmobile is for 'Thinking Outside the Box.' Other award categories include:  'Animal-Friendly Firehouse of the Year,' 'Best New Faux Meat Product,' and the 'Strongest Backbone' award, given to... wait for it... uber-conservative politician Pat Buchanan.

For a complete list of winners, see PETA's plaudits here.

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