Ford, the AFA and 'betrayal'

Remember Ford and the American Family Association (AFA) fiasco late last year? Well, the AFA, feeling betrayed that Ford had not kept its promise to withhold funds and advertising from gay events, organizations, and media (i.e., advertising in gay publications), has issued a statement that it may, again, boycott the automaker.
The statement in its entirety is after the jump, so you can just scroll on down if you're entirely sick of the AFA.

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"After meeting with seven homosexual leaders and without any input from thousands of their dealers who stand to be adversely affected by Ford’s decision, Ford made their decision to renege on actions they told AFA they would take," wrote AFA chair Donald E. Wildmon. "Ford’s support for these groups pushing homosexual marriage can only hurt dealers across the country. Why would Ford put the interests of seven homosexual groups ahead of the interests of all their dealers? Simply because Ford considers seven homosexual leaders more important than thousands of their dealers.”

The AFA has been joined with forty-one other organizations in their protest. The above letter stated a January 20th deadline for a response from the Ford chairman. (Note that the AFA has also written to GM and DaimlerChrysler about its displeasure in those automakers, as well as other companies, in providing sponsorship funds for the show, "The Book of Daniel".)

There has been no official reply from Ford Motor Company at the time of this post.

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