India pushing to be a center for automotive design

Will future designs and concepts be coming from India? That’s what this article in Sify seems to be hinting at.

According to the article, the cost of design has reached $12 billion worldwide, making it less expensive to use Indian design firms than those in the U.S. and Europe. And the number of exhibitors for the automotive design and technology section at the eighth Auto Expo in New Delhi, India, has grown from four in 2004 to thirty-five this year (though the article doesn't state who are the exhibitors). 

The article does acknowledge the difficulties of doing your design in India, with research and development at the moment being more reactive to customer requests than creative and original. Of course, India is currently suffering from a severe case of "Brain Drain", with many well trained professionals, including designers, leaving the country for their education and choosing to stay abroad rather than return home. The second most populous nation on planet Earth, however, is hopeful that purchasing component suppliers or at least working with them as early as the product development stage, will ease the burden of R&D on the nation's automakers. (Pictured is the Xover concept from Tata Motors.)

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