Steve Jobs pitches Chrysler

The brave guys at Engadget are live at MacWorld today, and did a live blogcast of Steve Job's keynote address (aka the Stevenote) this morning - still going on as I write this.

Before he got to the new tech for the Mac faithful, Steve dropped a couple of news bits of automotive interest.

First, Apple sold 14,000,000 iPods - in the last quarter! Jobs pointed out that this amounts to a hundred iPods sold every minute, 24/7, for the entire quarter. Incredible.

Finally, Steve closed the iPod section of his speech with a shout out to Chrysler's iPod interface announcement at NAIAS, "For those of you that missed it at the Detroit Auto Show, Chrysler is the first American manufacturer to offer iPod integration on their models. In 2006 over 40% of the cars sold in 2006 will offer iPod integration."

I wonder how long it will be before every new car has an iPod interface? And if I sold in-car CD changers, I'd start looking for new employment now, to beat the rush.

Full Engadget coverage of the Stevenote here, and of course, over at all-Apple-all-the-time TUAW, here.

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