Hyundai delays luxury vehicle

While it still mulls over if/how it will launch a luxury line, Hyundai has announced that it will delay the launch of its rear-wheel drive luxury vehicle, code-named the BH, from late this year to the first half of 2007. Will Hyundai sell the 5-series fighter under the Hyundai brand, or will it follow in the footsteps of Toyota/Nissan/Honda, which have separate luxury brands (Lexus, Infiniti and Acura, respectively). If it's the latter, Hyundai will have to build dealer networks -- a bigger bite than Hyundai can chew at the moment, says the company. The likely thing that will happen is the luxury flagship will debut as a Hyundai, then move underneath the umbrella of a luxury nameplate once it's ready.

Thanks to Source1 for the tip.

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