BMW, its CEO, and return to Number One in the U.S.

Last month,  Automotive News interviewed Tom Purves, CEO of BMW. Purves gave his thoughts about BMW’s lead against rival German automaker Mercedes-Benz; some of the new vehicles and technologies released in 2005 such as the M5 and new all-wheel drive versions of the 3- and 5 -series; as well as the end of the X5's lifecycle. (He did not answer if the new version would be larger than its predecessor.) He also expressed the company’s surprise about the popularity of the X3, especially among women.

Mr. Purves did emphasize that the BMW 1 series (pictured) will be “coming” to the U.S. He did not elaborate any time frame, though.

Heading the company since 1999, Mr. Purves lead BMW during a period in which it doubled in size and replaced the venerated 3-series.

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