Crystal ball predictions for 2006

Inside Line has a great article on the 37th Annual Predictions Lunch, which is a holiday tradition dating back to the late 60’s where a hand-picked group of “automotive experts” assemble in a secret location to pontificate about the coming year’s automotive landscape. The article’s a great read about the history of the annual event and the self-depracating nature of its participants who declare, “we’re a bunch of fence-sitting non-declarers, no better at predicting the future than the folks we interview.”
Some of the guesses for 2006 made by the group include the following…
Rick Wagoner being ousted from GM
Bob Lutz’s star fades
More musical chairs for Ford management
Above average sales success for the Fusion and Edge
PAG being dismantled
Chinese automakers making their move into the U.S.
Toyota surpassing G.M. in worldwide sales
SMART cars being sold by Chrysler in the U.S.

The group admits that its 36th annual meeting last year resulted in some horribly off the mark predictions and completely absent mentions of the more obvious events that would occur in 2005, so take its 2006 predictions with a grain of salt.

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