BMW even takes market share from Harley-Davidson

When people think of police vehicles (besides wondering why they’re behind you), they immediately think, ‘Made In America’.
So you can imagine the reaction of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts when the Eugene, Oregon police force traded in their Harley-Davidson Dyna Defenders for BMW R1150 RTPs.

But the reason was practical: the American motorcycle company had stopped manufacturing the Dyna Defender.

"Our previous bikes met our needs while we were using them, but because the company stopped offering that model for police use, we were forced to look for other options, and the bike we selected best meets our needs," said Sergeant Derel Schulz.

After scouring for a replacement, the police department chose the R1150 RTP for its anti-lock brakes, good handling and ergonomics, including the ability to adjust the seats, windshield, brake and clutch levers without tools.

Hog-lovers can rest easy, though - Harley-Davidson still makes police bikes, offering law enforcement versions of the Electra-Glide, Road King and XL883 models.

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