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In-car technology replacing 'License Plate Bingo'

Remember “license plate bingo”? It sucked. That's according to today’s Playstation generation, anyway.

It may put a tear in Clark W. Griswold’s eye, but road games ain’t what they used to be. Today’s Sony PSP, Apple iPod and in-car DVD players are forcing time-honored favorites like the Alphabet Game and Cow Poker to go the way of the hubcap. And with the looming spectre of in-car internet, point-and-click Windows will soon convert the precious few remaining practitioners of point-and-see windows.

It’s been rumored that a certain hidebound Autoblog staffer still holds his breath passing every graveyard, but even he can agree that kicking rounds of Row, Row, Row Your Boat to the curb is a good thing, no matter who or what is responsible. Regardless, some of us gadget-happy geeks will always hold a soft spot for road games. Yeah, we're a bunch of soft-headed interstate nostalgics... anyone for a spot of Travel Scrabble?

[Source: Cox News Service via Helena Independent Record]

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