In what is further indication that the relationship between the UAW and Delphi will not be reconciled in a neat manner, a union spokesman has stated that there have been no official negotiations between the union and the bankrupt supplier since Delphi placed its latest worker contract offer on the table last month.
This certainly reinforces the assessment that Robert Farago makes in his latest installment of GM Death Watch (#44, for those keeping count). I think he really nails this one on the head - there doesn't seem to be anything keeping the union from striking, considering its current situation where it can lose everything by rolling over and playing dead, or it can lose everything and go down swinging.

Farago's idea of engaging the union by offering it a slice of ownership in GM is an excellent one (probably the single best idea I've heard yet), and what a better place to try out the concept than with Delphi? We already know that the management team will be walking away with 10% of the post-bankruptcy stock; offering an equally-significant chunk of stock to the employees might give them a reason to see the company through these trying times.

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