Bob Lutz, GM vice chairman and head blogger, is tired of hearing people say GM's problems would go away if they could just build cars that people want. He leaps to the defense of GM's new products in today's edition of the GM Fastlane Blog, citing great reviews and strong sales for many of the General's new models.
Lutz's success stories include the Chevy HHR, Buick Lucerne (pictured), Chevy Impala, Cadillac DTS, Hummer H3, Pontiac Torrent and G6, Saturn Vue and Buick LaCrosse. While the proof will be in the sales figures, these vehicles are by and large steps in the right direction. Whether or not they are big enough steps to bring GM up to the level of its competition remains to be seen.

Lutz is right, there's one way to find out - go to a dealership and test-drive a few.

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