Word has sprung up on the internet that GM is working on a Corvette SS to end all Corvettes. The site DigitalCorvettes.com has a post by a guy named Patrick in which he lays out what little details are known so far. According to Patrick the project is definitely a go but very early on in development. The SS Vette will get a "charged" LS9 motor that will not be used in any other brand's vehicles. Despite being smaller in displacement than the Z06's LS7, this engine will produce well over 600 hp. It will be produced in limited numbers though that won't happen for a "very very" long time. This is not the long fabled "blue devil" vette, but it will take the mantle of top dog away from the Z06.

Of course, Patrick also doesn't put it past GM to leak this information intentionally. Perhaps a little rallying cry for the troops when the chips are down? For everyone's sake, we hope it's real.

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