It's pretty easy to guess what the new Golf-based VW Scirroco will look like when it becomes available in 2007 or 2008, but we still love seeing computer generated images of the car. These come from Autobild and are accompanied by a small article that praises Wolfgang Bernhard for swooping in and decisively taking over the future direction of the Golf and its offshoots, of which the Scirroco will be one along with the often-spied Cross Golf.

According to AutoWeek [via GermanCarBlog], the Scirroco and Cross Golf will be part of Wolfgang Bernard's new product blueprint for Volkswagen called "Hut" or hat in English. The term refers to placing a unique hat, or exterior (sides and roof panel), over many models that share the same underpinnings. It's not exactly a revolutionary plan and it's something we thought VW had been doing for a while now with platforms shared between Audi and itself.

[Thanks Philippe for the tip]

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