Hyundai announced a hybrid version of its 2006 Accent at the third Guangzhou Exhibition in China this week. The vehicle is equipped with a 1.4L CVVT engine producing 90 hp and a 16-hp electric motor. According to the manufacturer that should net the car a 44 percent gain in fuel economy. The Accent Hybrid is presumably a "mild" hybrid like the Honda Civic Hybrid and some unofficial calculations puts is mpg somewhere in the mid-to-high 40s range. The real news is that the Accent Hybrid would presumably sell for well under $20,000 making it more accessible than any hybrid currently on the market. Factor in any tax credits that will be available for hybrid purchases and Hyundai has perhaps a major hit on its hands. Rumors put the Accent Hybrid and a hybrid version of the Rio on U.S. shores sometime next year.

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