The question over whether the upcoming US-spec Skyline GT-R will be sold as an Infinity or as a Nissan is said to have been answered, with the luxury brand name being attached to the supercar when it reaches American soil for the '08 or '09 model year. While this decision is attributed to the shopping desires of those who are looking to drop $65K on a supercar, one also has to wonder if this doesn't free up a bit of room in the Nissan for the 350Z to gain some much-needed horsepower.

Read on for more thoughts on the GT-R's chances in the sub-supercar segment.

And while we?re on the subject of stuff under the hood, one also have to wonder if the Skyline?s rumored 400+ HP will be enough for it to maintain its Gran Turismo-inspired reputation. Without a doubt, the car will be a technological masterpiece, but it?s going to be up against some fierce competition in its price range (hint: zee-oh-something), and vehicles $20K less expensive will be sporting perhaps 100 HP more (that?d be the car no longer named after both a horse and a snake). This will be where the fanboys speak up and state that ?EB just doesn?t get it?, and that may be true - but I?d still like to see how this car can be expected to compete with something 10% lighter and 20% more powerful. Let?s hope that Nissan turns the wick up - way up - on whatever turbocharged monstrosity makes its way into the GT-R.

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