French car company Renault, now being led by wonder boss Carlos Ghosn, is reportedly looking for a luxury car maker to buy, and Jaguar may be a perfect fit. The Car Connection is reporting via a French business magazine that Renault's wants to bolster its lineup with some profit rich luxury cars to help balance the margins earned on the small models it currently produces. The company had already offered to buy Volvo from Ford, but the Blue Oval wouldn't bite. Jaguar hasn't produced a dime of profit for Ford, however, and its sale would create a nice influx of cash in these trying times. Renault's sales have slipped this year and its largest vehicle currently, the Vel Satis, is tanking. Purchasing Jaguar would give Renault instant heritage and credibility in the upper echelons of the luxury market, something which nearly all of the French automakers lack.

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