An article in USA Today profiles a controversial device called the PayTeck Smart Box that accepts a five-digit code given to a vehicle owner when his or her car payment is made. If a payment's not made and the code isn't entered, the device disables the vehicle's ability to start after a four-day grace period. Leading up to that point the system will notify the driver of an impending due date with green and red lights on the keypad and audible chirps.
The Smart Box benefits car dealers specializing in high-risk loans and ensures that a person's car payment instantly becomes a priority over that month's WWE Pay-Per-View. In the interest of safety the device won't turn off a running motor and only disables a motor at 4AM when a car is likely to be parked at home. There's even the ability to punch in an emergency code that enables the car to start again for 24 hours.

While I personally wouldn't enjoy having the PayTeck Smart Box put the smackdown on my personal mobility, I sure wouldn't forget to have that check in the mail. has a nice breakdown of the device here, as well.

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