Not since the Cougar was dropped three years ago has Mercury had its very own vehicle, not some rebadged Ford. Mercury may get its own vehicle again, however, called the Magellan, a 7-passenger crossover.
After much soul-searching, Ford decided to keep the Mercury brand in-tact for the forseeable future, despite the fact that the nameplate dipped to 200,000 units annually. News of the unique vehicle may be the first step in Ford's strategy to revive the brand.

One interesting note is that on Mercury's own website the Meta One concept vehicle is listed as a Future Vehicle. Introduced at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show, the Meta One is obviously based on the Ford Freestyle crossover. If this is to be the next vehicle sold with a Mercury emblem, can we infer from the linked article at Edmunds that the Ford version will be discontinued? When ordered with the 2nd row bench the Freestyle is also able to seat seven.

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