eMercedesBenz alerted us to this outrageous vehicle - ASMA Design's CLS Shark II, an update to their CLS Shark tuning package. Unveiled at the Essen Motor Show this week, this, um, distinctive car is evocative of… something. But what? Our ideas after the jump.

Ashley at eMercedesBenz says it reminds her of Darth Vader?s helmet. Which got us thinking of the CLS Shark II in black. Which led us to? The Green Hornet! Yes, the masked crime-fighter whose secret weapon was Black Beauty, his car, driven by his faithful chauffeur and martial arts sidekick, Kato.

While there was a tacky Green Hornet TV series in the mid-60s, with a version of Black Beauty based on a Chrysler Imperial, the original Green Hornet movies of the mid-30s apparently featured a version of the Black Beauty based on the Lincoln Zephyr.
1937 Lincoln Zephyr

Note the compelling similarity in the deep, flaring grille treatments on the Lincoln and the ASMA Shark. A coincidence? I think not.

The CLS Shark II is the perfect car for a 21st century Green Hornet - in black, of course. Kato would approve.

[via eMercedesBenz.com]

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