GM CEO Rick Wagoner is saying that he feels a clash between GM, Delphi, and the UAW is unlikely, based on the fact that each party has "too much to lose" if a strike breaks out. Hmm, I'm not so sure about that - Delphi is already bankrupt, and with the future looking bleak for the UAW at least with regards to Delphi, I'm not sure I'd be surprised if they decided to go down swinging. I guess the line that really amused me was this: "If we all act purely in our self-interest, any one of the three of us could blow the place up. That doesn't sound like a winning strategy." Now, if we assume that GM spun off Delphi in '99 purely out of its own self-interest (as a way to get rid of uncompetitive plants and the overhead of 50,000 workers), then one can say that GM's already gone down that path and has found it, shall we say, unfulfilling.
I'm sorry, but I still see this whole thing playing out like the climax of Reservoir Dogs.

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