The Essen Motor Show has been quietly occurring across the pond and we've tried to relay whatever news has broken straight to you guys. Fourtitude monitors all things Audi and was a perfect place to find out what the Ingolstadt-based company has been up to at Essen. First off are pics of the Q7 S-line, which show a brawnier version of the Q7 with a lower suspension hugging 21-inch wheels. Unfortunately the site offers no insight as to what engine will motivate the Q7 S-line, but the Gallardo's V10 has seen a lot of use by Audi in its S-line recently. Audi also used Essen for the world premier of its S4 Cabriolet with a 344-hp V8. We can reasonably expect this pair of high-po vehicles to appear in Detroit after the new year begins.

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