While certain sections of the auto industry have been thrown for a loop these past few months, there are still many positive things for which to be thankful. Here's a list of our top five, but perhaps you know of more…

1.    First steps to recovery

Admitting there's a problem is always the hardest part, especially for extremely large corporations where accountability is easy to hide from amidst a crowd of suits. Rick Wagoner and Bill Ford have both publicly acknowledged the dire situation in which their respective companies are now operating. It's a first step, hopefully towards recovery.

2.    All-Wheel Drive

At this moment the Great Lakes region is being buried in snow. Two feet are expected overnight where I live in Cleveland. I don't have AWD, but right now I'm wishing I did.

3.    The Ford Mustang

We're not thankful for the Ford Mustang just because it's a sweet modern muscle car. We're thankful that it alone survived extinction and was reborn better in every way. The industry is likely on the verge of another pony-car war, and we have the success of the new Mustang to thank for it.

4.    New rating methods

Whether it's the SAE's new J2723 standard for horsepower ratings or the EPA chief calling for more accurate MPG test procedures, a consumer armed with accurate information is always a good thing.

5.    Innovation

Hydrogen fuel cells, hybrid drivetrains, direct injection, twincharging, and even Stow 'N Go seating are just a few of the innovations that automotive engineers and designers have developed or have been developing for our mass consumption. Who knows what they'll surprise us with next?

Have a happy holiday today, drive carefully and check back with Autoblog after your family feast. It may be Thanksgiving, but we'll still on duty.

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