Apparently nine out of ten Acura buyers use the company's website, so it's probably no surprise that Acura decided to invest in a redesign. Following Tuesday's launch of the Hyundai Santa Fe site for the Korean market, and Wednesday's launch of the new Acura site, I think we can see some trends developing.
First off, you'd better pump up your Flash plug-ins. (You already have a broadband connection, right?) Apparently, auto website designers are frustrated TV producers. Next, beware the hypnotic techno background music (Hyundai, what were you thinking?). And you'd better shop for more memory and a bigger monitor - these sites eat up screen real estate, and open new windows at a prodigous rate. (Kill the pop-up blocker or you'll miss the fun.)

Oh, Acura? The site's kind of fun, and the RD-X concept micro-site (another window, natch) is well worth a visit.

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