Reuters reported Wednesday that Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn plans to make Renault's ventures in Korea and Brazil a success, enter the Chinese market, and only then would he consider re-entering the U.S. market.
Ghosn plans to make the company's Korean venture, Renault Samsung Motors, the hub for Renault's expansion in Asia. He is determined that Renault will diversify into international markets, to escape from over-dependence on the French market, which currently generates 60 percent of the company's profits.

In China, Ghosn sees the company launching with the mid-market Megane (pictured), rather than the company's entry-level Logan, with a view to establishing a strong brand presence for Renault in the quality-conscious Chinese market. Renault is currrently in negotiations for a Chinese manufacturing site.

Long-term, he sees re-entering the U.S. market with a "totally dedicated range of products," but only after Renault's other international ventures are successfully established.

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