Some readers have been sounding off in the comments sections of various posts on GM's woes, and they've offered up some intriguing ideas for fixing the company, including moving Pontiac upscale, merging Buick and GMC, and for God's sake, no more badge engineering.

Gary Witzenburg, contributor to The Car Connection among other publications, gives us his take on what GM could be doing better, and that's public relations. Give media access to execs, more test vehicles and stop with the favortism, he says. If the media don't like or trust you, that's going to come out in what they write.

While I think he is correct in saying that communications is a key to perception, GM's problems run deeper than the company's PR department. The Chevy SSR is an example of a vehicle that enjoyed wild media adoration but suffered from slow sales. The original vehicle disappointed consumers, who felt that it was an okay idea with a price point that was too high and a little engine that couldn't.

So, let's get this party started. What would you do to fix GM?

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