The man who turned around Nissan and is already busy running two car companies, Nissan and Renault, seems to be the rumor mill darling in Detroit at the moment. Speculation is running rampant that Ghosn could be the one to pick up where GM chairman and chieft executive Rick Wagoner leaves off after GM takes a financial dirt nap. Right now there is nothing to substantiate the rumors, but it's still fun to speculate.

On Friday, PricewaterhouseCoopers listed Nissan as the world's "best turnaround." At the end of September, Nissan had managed to sell 3.6 million vehicles, 1 million more than three years earlier. Profit margins rose 8 percent and debt has been eliminated. Given that success, Ghosn is a bit reluctant to make comments toward GM, who has entered a phase of damage control that included an email from Wagoner to 325,000 employees saying the ship wasn't sinking.

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