Pontiac Mexico launched the 2006 version of its successful Matiz G2 city car Friday. The small car was developed by GM Daewoo Auto and Technology in Korea, and manages to squeeze five seats into a car that's just over 11 feet long and less than 5 feet wide.

Not only is the car small enough to park almost anywhere, but it's 30-foot turning circle should make it a snap to grab that parking spot.

The G2 has a 1-liter, 4-cylinder powerplant, putting out 65 hp through a 5-speed manual transmission. Targeted at the 18-25 year-old market, prices for the Matiz G2 start at about $7,100.

Since The Matiz' introduction in Mexico in 1998, over 16,000 cars have been sold. Worldwide, the little Daewoo's various incarnations have sold more than 1.3 million units. A full review of the car is here (in Spanish).

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