Perhaps the most prestigious production car performance record was broken in September by Michael Vergers in a Radical SR8 - and you can watch him do it!
Vergers lapped one of the world's most difficult circuits, the Nurburgring Nordschleife, in 6 minutes 55 seconds, 20 seconds faster than the previous production car record set by a Porsche 996 GT2.

The 13 mile-long Nordschleife has 73 corners (many of them blind) and numerous abrupt elevation changes. No less a driver than Sir Jackie Stewart described the circuit as "the ultimate driver challenge."

A video of Verger's feat is available on DVD direct from Radical Motorsports for about $26.50. 70 minutes of video includes the record run, with commentary by the driver, laps of the Nordschleife viewed by cameras mounted on the rear wing and the splitter, and much more. Guaranteed to be inspirational! (My guess is that "splittercam" will be amazing.)

There are other Nordschleife video clips floating about the net - one featuring the Ruf-modified Porsche Turbo "Yellowbird" is particularly good. Anyone have url's to share?

[via Le blog auto]

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