Ford is looking to help its dealers get a cut of the aftermarket, while presumably getting a bit of the action for itself that would normally be missed on dealer-installed accessories. The program currently involves items such as bedliners for the F-150 and Mark LT and chromed exhaust tips for the Mustang and Fusion, but presumably will be expanded in upcoming months. Among the benefits of the program are margins above the "typical" 12-20% for dealer-installed options (um, has anyone actually seen a dealer charge only 20% mark-up on a bedliner or floormats?), and a potential increase in collectability since the accessories appear on the factory window sticker. It sounds a bit odd, but Ford probably has a point here - 30 years from now, "factory invoiced" chrome dual tips might set apart a particular '06 Mustang GT from all the others. One does have to ask - where's the love for the Focus?

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