UAW leaders warned that a strike against Delphi Corp. could result if their contract is thrown out by the bankruptcy judge.
Delphi CEO Steve Miller has been talking tough in the media lately, and UAW president Ron Gettelfinger and vice president Dick Shoemaker took the opportunity Thursday to draw their own line in the sand. According to the UAW, Delphi had suggested lower benefits and wage cuts up to 63 percent prior to entering bankruptcy protection. Miller has also said the company will close plants.

Friday, Gettelfinger and Shoemaker issued a statement blasting Delphi's contract proposal, saying "[it] is designed to hasten the dismantling of America's middle class by importing Third World wages…" and going on to say "...the proposal faithfully reflects a vision of an America in which an elite few live in luxury while everyone else struggles to make ends meet."

A Delphi strike would be a serious blow to GM, its largest customer.

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