In his recent interview with Time magazine, Steve Jobs decided to throw a few barbs towards the auto industry, stating "You know how you see a show car, and it's really cool, and then four years later you see the production car, and it sucks? And you go, What happened? They had it! They had it in the palm of their hands! They grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory!" What happened, of course, is the realities of the car industry, where a product is built that's arguably far more complex than Job's usual pet projects. I suspect that if the iPod had to pass crash tests, comply with emission regulations, and involved an investment of a few billion dollars every time the case changed, then perhaps Jobs wouldn't be asking such a question. Indeed, I think there's been a fair amount of success in bringing concepts to life in recent years, with the wild sheetmetal of Chevy's SSR as proof of that. Toyota's upcoming FJ40 looks to be coming to market in a fairly unbastardized form as well, and we could also mention the Ford GT, Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 and Pontiac Solstice. Maybe Jobs is just upset that the Cadillac Sixteen has yet to see the light of day, or was disappointed that the Maybach's electroluminescent exterior lighting didn't make it to production?

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