Midas has found its new spokespeople — Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. Two of the first automobile drivers ever, the pair reportedly walk into a Midas service shop and trade up their sore red feet for real brakes.

From the release:

In the spot, Fred and Barney appear in a Midas shop with questions for the Midas mechanic, ?Is it true you do more brake jobs than anyone else and you guarantee all of your work?? asks Fred. A mechanic responds that Midas is the #1 brake repair provider with two million jobs annually and confirms the Midas lifetime guarantee then pauses to ask, ?Do you smell something burning?? Barney quickly quips that the smell is Fred?s sore, red feet ? his old brakes. The spot ends with the famous ?Trust the Midas Touch? tagline sung by Fred and Barney.

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