Ever want to tell the guy in front of you to speed up or get out of you way? Some determined 'security experts' have made it possible to hijack another vehicle's Bluetooth hands-free system with their Car Whisperer kit. The Car Whisperer was developed to illustrate the security weakness of Bluetooth-enabled systems available in today's cars. Basically, in-car Bluetooth systems use a standard passkey to enable access by other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This passkey is often 1234 or 0000, and that is not particularly secure. Can you imagine someone listening into your conversations inside your car or taking over your Bluetooth to give you a 'special' message? While some Bluetooth in-car systems do allow for the passkey to be changed, many users do not think to address this security weakness. It goes without saying that both manufacturers and users of Bluetooth-enabled autos need to address these vulnerabilities.

[Via Autoblog.nl]
[See Engadget.com]

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