We've heard time and time again that many hybrid owners are unhappy with not receiving the EPA fuel economy estimates on their shiny new hybrid's window sticker. In response to this civil unrest, Ford and Toyota are taking measures to educate hybrid owners about how to achieve the best fuel economy from their vehicles. Some may say why should a driver be educated on how to drive to achieve good fuel economy? Somehow those advanced hybrids should get super mileage no matter the amount of foot in the accelerator. The EPA is also working on ways to make their mileage estimate meet more real world expectations by changing the test methodology. Hybrid or not, if you want good fuel economy you have to drive like you want it. Experts offer advice like not using air conditioning, rationing acceleration, and reducing the amount of braking. Ford is offering a clinic at the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Michigan for hybrid owners to learn tips on how to drive their Escape Hybrids and to meet with the people responsible for creating the hybrid SUV. Toyota is providing a pamphlet explaining why their Lexus RX400h may not achieve EPA estimates.

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