Ford will be offering a "fire kit" for limos based on the Lincoln Town Car. It's the same armoring system that was introduced on P71 Police Interceptor versions of the Crown Victoria back in 2003 and is intended to protect the fuel tank from sharp suspension bits during rear impacts. This whole thing creates quite the interesting situation, as Ford previously claimed that only police cars need such protective measures due to their greater likelihood of getting hit at high speed (such as during traffic stops), and the largest risk to limo passengers was of being vomited on by bridesmaids who can't hold their liquor. OK, they didn't really say that last part. The company now states that in the case of limos, the increased mass and frame stiffness forward of the rear axle creates an increased chance of a punctured tank, although it's also quick to point out that the limo still passes the company's 50 MPH rear-end collision test.

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