Toyota, while still marketing performance hybrids in their Lexus line, is taking the high road with their upcoming Toyota Camry Hybrid. While Honda's Accord Hybrid boasts a powerful drive train and luxurious appointments, Toyota is taking the Camry Hybrid in a different direction. Obviously, the decision to market the Camry Hybrid with a four-cylinder is part of an effort to make hybrids more affordable and provide excellent fuel economy. Additionally, the sophisticated LCD screens and other hybrid gadgets may not be found in the new Camry Hybrid. Most of that technology becomes a novelty that's easily ignored after the first thousand miles, anyway. Sometimes that little LCD screen is a nice conversation starter to those uninitiated to hybrids. The new Camry Hybrid will be built at Toyota's plant in Georgetown, Kentucky. By the way, the photo is a spy shot of the upcoming Toyota Camry. The Camry Hybrid will be based on the next generation car. Thanks to Joseph Willemssen for the tip.

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