One intrepid reader caught pictures of the 2006 Honda Civic at a promotion party last night. Thanks Brett for sending us the link! The new Civic is clearly targeted at a more sophisticated audience. The exterior is clean and well thought out. The new Civic is sporty, even in sedan guise. The edgy character of the new Civic is a shot across Toyota's bow. Honda seems to be saying, "We're not going to let your Scion poppycock make us look staid and stodgy." While we have seen many pictures of the new Civic, this is a production vehicle with very minor masking. Why on earth is that tape covering the logos? This was the Honda Civic Preview Party, why hide the logo? My only gripe with this car is the side profile. It looks a little strange.

The interior is very impressive. Judging by the exterior profile, the interior should be spacious. The edge of the new Civic carries over into the interior as well. It?s all very Japanese Anime. I feel like I should be in some post- apocalyptic megalopolis when I see these interior shots. Very progressive and definitely what Honda needs to spice up their crusty Civic. Click for the interior shot and click through the Read link for more pictures on Brett?s blog.

Here?s another blog with nice pics from the party of the Si.

2006 Honda Civic

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