We love reading Forbes, usually for their entertainment values. Like when they picked Audi A4 as one of the best cars for college students and like when they decided "I'm ready to buy now" is something you should never say to a dealer…boy, those guys really do have a sense of humor. This time, it's a comedy of a different sort. While researching for a story, we stumbled upon Forbes review of the 2006 Cadillac CTS, titled "Sharp looking, But Shallow", in which they jumped all over its poor interior (which we couldn't agree more) — but the funny part is, the articles is completely surrounded by THREE Cadillac banners. In industry terms, this type of ad placement is called a "road-block" or "take-over", and general rule of thumb is you want to make sure there is no negative content on the page where you are doing this type of ad placement — it'll be like a TV salesman going in depth about how a TV sucks and then offers to "cut a good deal" for you.

Would someone please send this to the agency before they get fired?

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